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Redfern Adventures organises carefully planned, specialist eco-tours to unusual and exciting destinations where few other travel companies operate. We offer the discerning traveller the opportunity to experience and observe exotic wildlife, unusual cultures and outstanding landscapes in distant corners of the globe.

We offer two types of adventure:

  1. Group tours with scheduled dates onto which you can book a place. For a summary, please see Trip Schedule.
  2. Private trips with bespoke itineraries to fit your dates and interests!

The adventures that we offer are not sensationalist, mass-market tourist trips, but carefully crafted journeys and experiences that explore the beauty of the natural world, the diversity of human heritage and some of the most special scenery on the planet. All of our adventures are designed to be engaging as well as ethical, sustainable and respectful of wildlife, local people and local cultures.

Redfern Adventures developed as the expedition division of Redfern Natural History Productions, a natural history publishing and documentary production company. Over the past eight years, Redfern has organised hundreds of expeditions across the world, to the glaciers of Antarctica, remote islands off Greenland, the misty mountains of Papau New Guinea and the searing deserts of Ethiopia, as well as countless other destinations.

Many of our past tours have directly contributed to scientific understanding by revealing new information about wildlife, even discovering many new species, particularly orchids and carnivorous plants.

As a company, we believe in supporting conservation, particularly across the locations that we operate in. We donate funds to support many conservation projects, and to date, we have donated in excess of £30,000. See www.redfernnaturalhistory.com/conservation for more information.

We warmly invite you to explore our website, to review the detailed descriptions, day-by-day itineraries and many sample images and videos that are profiled for all of the adventures that we offer.

If you would like to discuss any of our itineraries in more detail, we would be delighted to hear from you by email, Skype or telephone.


The Redfern Adventures Team

Visit: www.redfernadventures.com for further information

Email sales@redfernadventures.com to register your interest.

Our Team

Stewart McPherson

Stewart is a British natural history writer and presenter, and founder and owner of the Redfern group of companies. Through Redfern Natural History, (www.redfernnaturalhistory.com) he has written and published thirty book titles, and oversaw the printing of numerous other works by respected authors. He has also filmed, produced, and presented numerous wildlife documentaries for broadcast on the BBC, National Geographic, SBS and other channels.

Whilst writing and filming, Stewart climbed 300 mountains across the world (some of which previously unexplored) and ventured to many of the most remote islands on Earth. During his travels to study and document wildlife, history and cultures, he discovered and co-named 35 new species/varieties of plants, and re-discovered many more lost to science for centuries.

He founded Redfern Adventures to share his passion for natural history with a broad audience, and hopes that the trips offered make intimate and ethical wildlife experiences accessible to a broad audience.

The Redfern group of companies directly supports conservation and building relationships with communities in the countries in which we work. In excess of £30,000 has been raised and donated to conservation causes across the world. Stewart also founded www.arkoflife.net to safeguard species extinct in the wild, and has received international awards for his conservation work, including most recently, the IUCN David Given Award for Excellence in Plant Conservation.

Alastair Robinson

Raised in Malaysia, Alastair is a British tropical field botanist, taxonomist and author whose research focuses largely on the montane flora of southeast Asia, including Indochina, Malesia and West Papua. He is a tropical pitcher plant (Nepenthes) specialist and has conducted parallel studies of co-occurring plants including Drosera, but also other carnivorous plants, Stylidium and terrestrial orchids, especially CorybasStigmatodactlyus and Cryptostylis.

He has discovered and described many new species across these genera, some of which were discovered during past expeditions run by Redfern. A species of Paphiopedilum slipper orchid was named after him after he documented the discovery of a novel population of plants on a remote mountain ridge in Sulawesi.

Specialising in Southeast Asia and able to communicate in Malay and Indonesian, Alastair organises the logistics of most of our expeditions to this region, particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia and the island of New Guinea.

Alastair has a background in plant pathology and physiology (UCL), and a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge for research into the molecular controls that govern plant development. However, his passions lie in field and herbarium work, where he has spent most of his professional life since graduating.

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