Terms, Conditions and FAQs

What is an adventure?

The products that we offer are expeditions, which we term ‘adventures’, in keeping with our brand. Our adventures vary enormously in terms of their itineraries and nature. Please review the itineraries of each adventure for details.

What is included?

The price of each adventure includes all food, transport, accommodation and guide costs from the start point on the first day of the itinerary, to the end point on the last day of the itinerary. Unless otherwise stated, this includes all activities and logistics throughout the adventure; for example, where applicable, all internal flights, ground transportation (including 4-wheel drive vehicles), permits, hotels (on a twin share basis) and meals, as well as an expert expedition leader, local staff, guides, group porters and support equipment. The price of each adventure does not include international flights to and from the start and end points, alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, personal porters, single supplement (single room) upgrades and tips for local staff. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in British Pounds Sterling (£).

How do I sign up and reserve a place?

If you would like to reserve a place on any of our adventures, please send an email sales@redfernadventures.com confirming which adventure(s) you are interested in joining. Alternatively use the forms present on each adventure page. We will confirm availability, and request a 50% deposit to secure your place. The balance of payment is due 60 days before your adventure begins. Once deposits are received, we will organise your participation by arranging all required logistics, hotels and permits, as required, for you to take part. Please do not book international flights until we send confirmation that all permits, logistics and hotels have been arranged for you.

What is an Expedition Information Document?

Upon receiving your deposit, we will send you an Expedition Information Document, which details everything that you need to know to prepare for your adventure. We require you to complete and return several pages of this document with key information at least 60 days before the start of your adventure, and we require you to bring the completed original hardcopy (paper) version of the document with you to give to your expedition leader at the start of your adventure.

How difficult are the adventures and what skills do I need?

Most of the adventures that we organise can be completed by anyone in good physical health and with a high level of stamina. Generally, no special skills are required to complete any of our adventures, but for some of our itineraries, strenuous walking for several hours over rough or steep terrain may be required. Each adventure is ranked on our website as “relaxing”, “moderate” and “strenuous”.

How hard are the “relaxing” adventures?

Generally, no strenuous trekking is required for this class of adventure or, if present, such treks are minimal and can be substituted for alternate activities. Participants must be capable of walking on uneven ground and carrying a day pack with water, camera and appropriate weather protection.

How hard are the “moderate” adventures?

Generally, this adventure class involves some trekking over long distances. Treks are integral to the itinerary and are required to experience the key highlights of this adventure. Participants must be capable of walking or clambering on steep or rocky terrain, carrying a day pack with water, camera, weather protection and some food. River crossings may be required. Local porterage can sometimes be arranged at cost.

How hard are the “strenuous” adventures?

Generally, adventures of this class involve multi-day hikes over significant distances on remote terrain that may be steep, rocky or unstable under foot. Participants must be capable of challenging hikes and carrying a heavy pack with water, camera, tent and appropriate weather protection. River crossings may be necessary. In some cases local porterage can be arranged at cost.

What is the accommodation like?

Each adventure has a completely different itinerary, and involves different accommodation. For some of our adventures (especially those in the “relaxing” class), accommodation may be in luxury, boutique resorts, lodges or hotels for all nights throughout the itinerary. For other adventures (especially those in the “strenuous” class), the itinerary may involve camping for some or all nights. Please review the itineraries of each adventure for details of the accommodation.

What is a single supplement upgrade? Your Title Goes Here

Unless otherwise stated, all of our adventures are organised on a twin share rooms, i.e. two people per room (in two single beds). Where requested, we can usually organise a double bed for couples. If you would prefer to have a single room throughout the itinerary, this can usually be arranged at cost price. This extra cost is the ‘single supplement upgrade’.

Who leads the adventures?

Our adventures are led by knowledgeable and experienced leaders, who often are recognised authorities on the subjects or destinations of the adventures. Local support staff such as guides and porters provide additional leadership and valuable local knowledge.

Are the dates movable?

We try hard to ensure that the timings of our adventures fit the schedules of all those wishing to take part. If the dates of a specific adventure are impossible for you, we can discuss dates with all interested participants and, if possible, adjust the timing of our adventures to best suit the needs of all those wishing to take part. Usually, our adventures fill up quickly, and there is then the possibility of organising a repeat of a specific adventure at a different time of year, or the following year. If you would like to take part in an adventure, but the dates are inconvenient for you, please contact us to discuss options.

What is the group size?

Most of the adventures that we organise include between 6 and 10 participants, plus staff. This group size allows for a good group dynamic, but is sufficiently small to generally minimise impact on the locations that we visit.

What equipment do I need to bring?

A full list of recommended equipment for each adventure is listed in the Expedition Information Document, which is sent to participants on enrolment, or beforehand on request (email sales@redfernadventures.com). Unless specifically stated, you are required to bring all equipment for your personal use. All group equipment (e.g. cooking and emergency equipment) is provided by your expedition guides.

How much equipment can I bring?

For most of our adventures, we require that your luggage is kept below 20 kg. If you exceed this weight, many international airlines will charge hefty excess baggage fees as you travel both to and from your adventure. Moreover, additional excess luggage fees may be applicable for flights that we organise as part of the adventure, particularly for internal flights on small aircraft where the limit is often 15 kg. In all cases, paying excess luggage fees is your responsibility.

For camping adventures, should I bring a tent or a hammock?

For adventures involving camping, we recommend that you bring a self-supporting tent (with an X-frame of poles) that requires no ground pegs to be self-standing. This type of tent enables camping in areas where there is no firm soil, and where pegs cannot be used (for example, on mountain summits). You may wish to discuss tents with your expedition leader or fellow expedition members prior to departing. You may find fellow participants willing to share a tent with you, reducing the amount of equipment that you will need to bring. Camping hammocks are a versatile, light and comfortable alternative to tents often seen especially on our strenuous adventures, but these can only be used in forested areas. In areas without trees, it may be difficult or impossible to set up a hammock. Please email us in advance for advice.

Can I have a personal porters during long treks?

To increase your enjoyment, we can usually organise local porters to carry your camping equipment so that trekking will be easier for you, enabling you to be free to take photos and better enjoy the experience of your adventure. Personal porter costs are not included in the price of your adventure. The costs for personal porters vary depending upon location, but can be estimated in advance of your arrival. Payment is made by you directly to your personal porter.

Why do you need a deposit?

We require a deposit so that we can finalise group numbers, organise all permits, logistics, hotels and adventure transport. For all adventures, key logistics, permits and transport need to be organised months before the start of the adventure. Once this is achieved, we will confirm that the adventure is set up, allowing you to proceed with the purchase of flights in confidence.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your participation in an adventure, please let us know as soon as possible. Generally, up until 60 days before the start date of your adventure, we can refund all of your deposit except non-refundable items that we have already purchased for you (such as internal flights). We generally confirm all bookings and complete all payments 60 days prior to the start of the trip, at which point your deposit becomes non-refundable. If you need to cancel your participation within 60 days prior to the start of your adventure, we may be able to find a new participant wishing to take your place, in which case, we can transfer most permits, logistics and hotel bookings from your name into the name of the new participant and issue a full or partial refund to you.

I have sent my deposit, when can I book international flights?

On receipt of your deposit, we will organise your participation by arranging permits, logistics, hotels and transport for you. Please do not book international flights to the adventure start and end points until we send confirmation that all permits and logistics have been arranged for you and your participation is confirmed.

Can you cater for my dietary needs?

e aim to cater for vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan and other dietary needs if we are informed in advance; options may be limited in some regions, however, but our staff will do their best according to available resources.

Can I speak to the other people on my adventure before arriving?

Once you have sent your deposit, we will introduce you to your fellow adventure members. We recommend that you send a short introductory message to your fellow participants so that you can get to know each other ahead of the adventure.

Do you guarantee wildlife sightings?

We are unable to guarantee that you will see specific plant or animal species, but we provide clear overviews of the wildlife that is likely to be encountered during each adventure.

Is there an age limit for your adventures?

Participants from the age of 16 to the age of 70 have taken part in our past adventures. For participants below 16 or over 70, please contact us – we would be happy to talk through what is involved in any of our trips so you can decide if they are right for you. Please note, participants below the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.

What are “add-on extensions”?

For many of our adventures, we offer the option of adding on one or more extra location(s) or activities before or after the main itinerary at an additional cost. Please review our website or contact us to discuss these options.

What is a bespoke adventure?

Bespoke adventures are private expeditions which we can set up for you on request. We can customise bespoke adventures to precisely fit your preferred dates and interests, and naturally, we can adjust the duration and content of the itinerary in accordance with your wishes.

Is there a safe place to leave items that I will not need during the itinerary of my adventure?

Generally, we can arrange for a safe location for you to leave anything that you do not want with you during your adventure or for the duration of components of the itinerary. We cannot accept any responsibility for any items you choose to leave in storage, and recommend that you do not leave valuables behind.

Can I collect animals, plants or scientific study materials during my adventure?

No. We enforce a strict policy against poaching of materials of any kind. Our adventures are observation-only. The collection of animals, plants or materials for scientific study requires the formal permission of local and national authorities. Such permission must be planned in concert with all relevant authorities well in advance. We can offer advice, if needed.

Do you have testimony from previous adventure members?

Please browse www.redfernadventures.com to read testimony accounts, see photos and watch videos from previous trips, and our Facebook page to view a range of accounts, images and videos from past Redfern adventure participants.