Falkland Islands – DARWIN200 Add On Trips

The Falkland Islands are home to vast albatross colonies, over a million penguins (king, gentoo, rockhopper, Magellanic and macaroni), sea lions, elephant seals, fur seals, and fifteen species of whales and dolphins!

Several birds of prey are also found here, including most of the world’s striated caracara population, as well as 63 land birds, of which, 16 of which are found no where else on Earth.

Much of this wildlife can be seen very easily, not least, because many native marine mammal and seabird species are not habituated to mankind and so can be approached (carefully, quietly and at a responsible distance) to enable incredible photo opportunities and experiences!

Key Facts

COST: £4,600 (British Pounds) per person (twin or double room) for 9 day / 8 night itinerary. Single room supplement upgrade £650.

START POINT: Stanley, Falklands.

END POINT: Stanley, Falklands.

TERMS: £1,000 deposit required to book. The balance is due 12 weeks prior to departure.

We have reserved 12 places at all accommodation and internal for the flights following Add On Trips:
Note: all Add On Trips have the same 9-day itinerary (see Days 1-9 below).

If you would like a customised itinerary (longer or shorter than the itinerary put forward below), please email us for details and we will develop a bespoke trip for you.

The following add on trips are priced in British Pounds because the Falkland Islands Pound is tied to the British Pound in parity.

the Falkland Islands are among the world’s top


This unique archipelago of nearly 800 islands harbours beautiful landscapes, fascinating history and friendly local culture. Many visitors leave agreeing that the Falkland Islands are among the world’s top “undiscovered” wildlife destinations.

The following add on trips have been organised for participants of Legs 9 and 27 of the Darwin200 Global Voyage, so they can explore the Falkland Islands after their disembarkation in Stanley.

Add on trips have also been organised for participants of Legs 10 and 28 to enable them to explore the amazing Falkland Islands before they embark in Stanley and commence their journeys aboard Oosterschelde.

These add on trips are operated independently of the Darwin200 Global Voyage by Redfern Adventures, please see www.redfernadventures.com


Falklands Add On Trip 1 (for members of Legs 9 and 10)

Participants of Voyage Leg 9 disembark Oosterschelde in Stanley on January 5th, 2024.
Participants of Voyage Leg 10 embark Oosterschelde in Stanley on January 13th, 2024.
This Add On Trip runs from January 5th and ends on January 13th. This is specifically designed so that participants of Voyage Leg 9 can start this trip immediately on disembarkation, and participants of Voyage Leg 10 can undertake this add on trip immediately before commencing the journey aboard Oosterschelde.

Falklands Add On Trip 2 (for members of Leg 27)

Participants of Voyage Leg 27 disembark Oosterschelde in Stanley on February 19th, 2025.
This Add On Trip runs from February 19th until February 27th.

Falklands Add On Trip 3 (for members of Leg 28)

Participants of Voyage Leg 28 embark Oosterschelde in Stanley on February 25th, 2025.
This Add On Trip runs from February 17th until February 25th.

All three Add On Trips have the same itinerary (just the dates differ, to correspond with each voyage leg).

Days 1 & 2:

Early morning pick up in Stanley and transfer to Stanley Airport for a flight to Sea Lion Island. After an orientation tour, you have the rest of day 1 and all of day 2 to explore the island. It is especially well known for elephant seals, as well as penguins, shags and many others. Tens of thousands of gentoo penguins nest right next to the lodge! Large numbers of elephant seals rear their pups on the island’s beaches.

Days 3 & 4:

You fly to Pebble Island, famed for its gentoo penguins, southern rockhopper penguins, imperial cormorants and spectacular scenery. Commerson’s dolphin are a common sight in the waters around the island as well as two wreck of downed Argentinian plane from the Falklands War. You land on Day 3 and after an orientation tour, you have all of days 4 to explore the island.

Days 5 & 6:

You fly to Bleaker Island, known for an enormous colony of approx 20,000 imperial cormorants, white beaches, gentoo penguins, rockhopper penguins, and striated caracaras. You land on Day 5 and have all of Day 6 to explore.

Day 7:

You return to Stanley, and after lunch, visit a fascinating local museum and explore the charming streets of Stanley!

Day 8:

You have a guided, trip in four wheel drive vehicles to Volunteer Point to see one of the real stars of the show: king penguins (we will visit a breeding site home to approximately 2,000 pairs)!

Day 9:

After breakfast, check out. End of Tour

All accommodation is in boutique lodges on Days 1-6. Accommodation is in Malvina House Hotel (the best hotel in Stanley) for the nights of Days 7 and 8